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choralcomm's Journal

People for the love of Choral Music
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Focusing on choral music of all kinds.
We are here to promote the beauty of choral music wide and small. The concept of a group of voices coming together in song are what makes the music world thick and interesting. Please join us as we celebrate choral music!


1. Please me respectful. Not everyone has the same tastes of music as you, and thats ok. No belittling, no verbal abuse. I don't want to see "Dude, your choir sucks". We are here to share the love of choral music, not bash it. We want a safe, educational, and fun environment.

2. Large images under a cut please.

3. No adult content allowed.

4. Multiple links (more than 2) to music files must be under an LJ Cut. You must also cite your source.

5. "WTF?!" Posts are okay as long as they have no adult content and do not belittle the choral music society.