Sexy Jesus wants me. (annointednsong) wrote in choralcomm,
Sexy Jesus wants me.


Hi Everyone!!!! I want to welcome you to LiveJournal's ONLY choral community that is not linked with a University or professional choir!

Please feel free to join and post. Remember, you make this community a success.

Post your favorite performances, links to music downloads, links to free sheet music, or whatever you want!

  • It's BACK!

    Alright, Eric is back at it with his Virtual Choir. Anyone can participate!

  • Mistletoe

    Hi! Here is a piece I composed and then recorded by myself. It is far from perfect but I think it is interesting! Hope you like it!

  • Lets start with a little Whitacre

    We all know and love Eric to start things off, here is his song "Sleep" sang by the British group Polyphony

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